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  • PEX/Radiant Floor Heating Systems
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  • Backflow Prevention
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    Meet Our Mascots!
    Michael Meyerowitz started his career as a plumber. He first opened the doors to his own business in 1919, selling plumbing and heating supplies out of his garage in Glendale, Queens. With his network and strong knowledge of the business, he quickly outgrew the garage and opened a full supply house with a warehouse and a counter. Gil Meyerowitz took over the business in the 1970’s and we are still family-owned and operated by the fourth generation, serving customers from all over New York. Our store has evolved over the years but still remains at this location today. We have a friendly atmosphere, great service and a huge inventory of top products from manufacturers in the industry. We also have in-house expertise in backflow prevention, boiler sizing, radiant heat and snow-melt systems. We offer wholesale prices to licensed plumbers and can get what you need for any project from the boiler room to the bathroom.